Friday, November 20, 2009

Screwey Business, this Blog!

Since I last blogged (admittedly a long time ago) I have changed my email address to Apparently I have to keep using the old email address (which actually doesn't exist as an account any longer) to sign in with. I tried changing the primary email address to my current gmail address, but the system won't let you use a gmail address with Blogger! Is that weird or what? As long as I can find the blog online, which is how I managed to get into it, and post successfully (which remains to be seen), I don't care. I just think it's screwey! But then what about computers isn't?

OK, catching up. I don't have any pictures to post today, but maybe will again soon.

I guess my current health is the big issue. I'm having significant back problems and may need surgery. I'll find out Dec 2 when I see the neurosurgeon. This is not new. Had back surgery in 2000, which was successful. But the same problem--stenosis with buldging--has recurred, so we'll see. Just so something can be done to help the pain. I'm reduce to minimal activity, no real exercise, and getting sick of it.

Elsewise, all is well. My mom is doing well at 95. (I should do so well!) All furry creatures are in good shape.

I got back to the blog because I was looking at Laura's blog--which won't allow me to comment, BTW. No matter what I tried, it wouldn't accept my comment, apparently because I am not a "member". What the H does that mean??????? I was invited, and I signed up to follow it, so what gives? More Blogger screwiness!!

OK, here goes. It will post--or not, but I'm not investing any more time/energy until I see what's what.


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