Thursday, August 20, 2009

Second try for Florida post 09

OK, Blogspot still won't let me move the pictures. If I had thought of it sooner, on this post I'd have posted the later pictures first, so they would have been in order, but it doesn't much matter.

Anyway, Kim and Ron, my daughter and SIL, have a lot of animals--four dogs, two horses, a donkey, a ferret, a kitten, a red eared tortoise, and four parrots. There have been various others over the years but this was the current census. It rained in the mornings and was steaming hot in the afternoons and/or we were gone until dark most days, so I didn't get any pictures of the outside animals.

Penelope, the filly, is now just over a year old and a gorgeous horse. (see blog post from June 08 when she was born).

This is Gizmo, Kim's sugar glider. He's a tiny little marsupial who is nocturnal and leaps from curtain to top of shelf to top of someone's head, etc.

Closeup of Gizmo in his hamster wheel. They say sugar gliders "bark" but all I heard him do was make a sound when we disturbed his daytime sleep--sounded like "weh, weh, weh, weh, weh".

KIm's new kitten, a real sweet little girl, who has the dreadful name of "Fenderburg". My SIL has a warped sense of humor.

Daisy swimming! Nobody stayed in the water very long because it was full of moon jellyfish! The bald guy is Russell, Kim and Ron's friend from Georgia, who drove down for her birthday. Nice guy.

This is my SIL, Ron, "water skiing", except he's on a kite board, pulled by our pontoon boat. He's pretty good at it!

OK, there are more pictures but that's the jist of it.
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